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About Us

Our Goal

Crete Villas Online’s goal is to meet all requirements regarding villa rentals: mountain or sea view villas, luxurious or traditional villas, or even a combination of all these. After a thorough investigation the Crete Villas Online team found a large amount of high quality villas in Crete that can offer you a dreamy accommodation and presents them to you through its platform.


Crete Villas Online provides its visitors with all the necessary information about the villa of their choice and the place where the villa is located and help them enjoy their holidays as much as possible. This purpose is achieved through its blog which is constantly updated with new areas and things that you can do, see and visit during your holidays in Crete.



Communication is the central axis around which the structure of Crete Villas Online has been developed. Both, the owner and the guest, create their own profile in Crete Villas Online. The owner is able to list one (or more) of his villas in the platform and manage them. The guest can create an account either by email or through a Facebook account. Once the guest chooses a villa, he has the ability to contact directly with the owner by making an inquiry or a booking request. The owner can reply to the guest with a simple message, accept or decline the booking or even make a special offer to his potential guest.



Reviews are another important part of this website. After the end of the guest’s stay, Crete Villas Online asks the guest and the host to write a review for each other regarding the stay. Reviews are very important, especially for the host as it will help other visitors choose their villas after reading the comments other visitors left.



Once a reservation is booked, the guest pays Crete Villas Online the whole amount. Crete Villas Online ensures that the money is safe until the guest arrives at the villa. The host is paid 24 hours after the guest’s arrival. All payment transactions in Crete Villas Online platform take place in a secure environment following the latest and most advanced security standards of the Internet industry.


Verified Hosts

The Crete Villas Online team was able to verify everything that is contained in the website by making personal contact with the owners, visiting their villas and taking photographs to most of them. This made possible to know first- hand, whether the villa characteristics, facilities and hospitality responded to Crete Villas Online’s high standards.


Once a user makes an account in order to make a booking or add a listing, it is required to upload a profile photo, verify their phone number and their email. All these make users feel more confident that the persons they communicate with are real and that they won’t be exploited.


All villas presented by Crete Villas Online meet the requirements according to the regulations of the Greek National Tourist Organisation.